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February 2012 Holy Ghost Service

Feb 3rd, 2012

Go ahead and lift your voice to the Almighty God and bless Him, let’s bless the King of kings, let’s bless the Lord of lords, let’s praise the Ancient t of days, let’s give Him all glory, let’s give Him all honors, let’s give Him all adorations.

He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy to be adored, praise Him, praise the King of king, the Lord of lords, praise the Ancient of days, give Him glory, give Him all honor, magnify His holy name, He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy to be adored, He is worthy to be magnified, there is no one like Him.

He is the Ancient of days, the Commander of Chief of the Host of heaven; He is the Lord strong and mighty, mighty in battle. Praise the King of glory; praise Him with all your heart. Praise the Alpha and the Omega, praise the Beginning and the Ending.

Praise the Lion of the tribe of Judah, He is worthy to be praised and adored, give Him glory, give Him honor, and give Him adoration.

Bless His holy name today, thank you Father.  In Jesus mighty name we have worshipped.

Lift your voice to him and say Father, let this month be very, very successful month for me in every facet of my life.  in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Lift your voice to him and say Father, give me pleasant surprises this month and surprise your enemies also.  In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Please join your hands with your neighbor and say Father, in the life of this your child, do something new today.   In Jesus mighty name we have prayed

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

Jehovah the man of war,

Your mercy endures forever

Oh praise His holy name (Worship)

King of glory, Lord strong and mighty, Lord mighty in battle, Lord of host, the One who has never lost a battle, the Owner of the earth and the fullness thereof, Ancient of days, Controller of light, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Rock of Ages, Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of peace, Alpha, Omega, the Beginning, the Ending.

The One who is, the One who was, the One who is to come.  The Almighty. The Way, the Truth and the Life, glory be to Your holy name.

You are the Unchangeable changer, the Unconquerable conqueror, the One who was before anything, before the mountains came, You were there. Before the gates were installed You were there.

Accept our worship in Jesus name. Tonight, prove that You are Greater than the greatest, prove that You are Higher than the highest, prove that You are Stronger than the strongest, prove that You are Older than the oldest.

Prove that You are Wiser than the wisest.  Tonight in the life of all Your children here and all those who are listening through the Radio, Television or the Internet, Father do something new, do something mighty, do something glorious, do something miraculous, do something unforgettable, and at the end of everything let Your name be glorified.  In Jesus mighty name we have prayed

Let someone shout halleluiah!

Psalm 24 v 7 -10lift up your heads, oh ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the king of glory shall come in. who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, o ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The LORD of host, he is the King of glory.

What do we call a gate? Physically it is a huge door that is usually installed to prevent people from entering a particular place. Spiritually it stands for the elders of a city.

For example when Jesus said I will build my Church and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it. By the gate of hell; it is referring to principalities and power. We won’t have enough time to go into all the details, all I am saying tonight however is this; gate weather physically or spiritually will not prevail against you.

Now when we are dealing with gates the first thing is that we need to know where the gates are. Hosea 4 v 6 says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  If you don’t know the gates that are shut against you, if you don’t even know that they exist, they maybe destroying you without knowing.  

Ignorance is a killer. If you know there are gates against you, then you need to locate where they are.

In Matthew 7 v 7-8 the Lord said, ask, seek and then knock. Before you need to talk about the gate, you need to locate where the gates are. When you find the gates, the next thing is to knock. In Rev 3 v 20 even God said I stand at the door and I knock. You are supposed to knock first.

Now you know the gates, you have located the gates, you have knocked, the next thing is if you have key, use the key to open the gate.

In Rev 3 v 7 Jesus Christ said I have the keys of David and when I open no man can shut, when I shut no man can open. If you don’t have the key get someone who has the Key to come and help.

If you don’t have the Keys to the gate, you can call unto Jesus, in Rev 3 v 8 He said I have set before you an open door that no man can shut.

I am believing God for somebody here tonight, that Jesus will open doors for you that nobody will be able to shut again.

If all fails; you knock the gate refused to open, you use the key and the key refuse to work, you asked someone to come and help but nothing seems to be working, the next thing now is to force open the gate.

Because behind every gate there is something precious otherwise there is no gate and you know you must get to the other side of the gate, because what you want is there.

So if everything else fails then you use violence. In Mark 2 v 1- 12 when the friend of that young man brought him and they couldn’t get in, they climb to the roof, so they turn open the roof so that they can get to Jesus Christ.

The Bible says in Mathew 11 v 12 it says since the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent takes it by force.

That is why you see two statement in the text that we have read; lift up your head oh ye gate, that means open gently. It went further to say be ye lifted up ye everlasting door, in other words if you don’t open gently, we will open you by force.

How many of you are here tonight, determined that you will not go home until you get your miracle?  It will be necessary that before this night is out, you will become a warrior.

There are gates to cities, maybe your problem is because the city where you live. When you consider Jericho for example in 2kings 2 v 19-20 the city was beautiful but there was a problem in the city; anyone who is in the city, suffered bareness, suffered death, they suffered abortion, they suffer end miscarriages.

They needed someone to deal with the gate of the city, when the gate of the city was dealt with; curses ended, bareness ended, death ended.

So I am saying to all of you from various villages and cities, all the gates that have been harboring evil shall be forced open tonight in Jesus name.

Or you could look at another example, Samaria in 2King 7 v 1-11 the reason the gates in Samaria were shut, is not because of the people inside, it is because of the enemies outside.

Because there is a siege and the gates had to be shut to prevent the enemies from coming in, but because the gates were shut, famine came, people began to eat their children, and all kinds of problems follow.

So for the gates of Samaria to be opened, external enemies had to be dealt with. And when the Almighty God intervened; the siege was lifted, famine ended and abundance came.

Now if there are enemies outside the gates of your cities, seen and unseen, because of tonight, I decree such enemies will be scattered in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord, the Lord said there is someone who damaged his ribs in an accident, He asked me to tell you He is taking care of that right now.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; He said before the next raining season, He said your showers of blessing will begin to fall.

There are national gates, a whole nation can be in serious trouble because certain gates do not open, for example in Exodus 15 v 1- 28 If God had not opened the gate of the red sea; the children of Israel either would have perished or could have gone back into slavery.

So a whole nation could be in serious trouble, because certain gates refuse to open.

So I am prophesying to Nigeria tonight; every gate that is holding the children of Nigeria captive, you are coming down tonight in Jesus name.

I can give you another example in 1Samuel 17 v 1- 51. And the gate this time was the form of a man; a giant called Goliath and he had a whole army captive.

For forty days there was a reign of terror. Until the gate had to be dealt with and it wasn’t a gate that was going to lift up its head, it was a gate that its head has to be lifted up.

Until David cut off the head of Goliath and lifted it up; the children of Israel were still trebling.

And I am speaking to Nigeria tonight; every Goliath creating fear and terror to the children of this nation, as the Lord of host is still on the throne; every Goliath shall lose its head tonight.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; He said they told you that they have locked the doors and thrown away the keyes, the Lord asked me to tell you , I don’t need keys to open the doors.

Thank you father

The Lord says there is a woman here tonight; He said the last time you shouted halleluiah, your womb were untied. Your womb that was tied has now been untied.

Tonight I want to spend a little more time on personal gate.

For a human being there were five major gates:

  • 1.   The eye gate
  • 2.   The ears gate
  • 3.   The mouth gate
  • 4.   The nose gate
  • 5.   And then of course the skin gate.

Through your skin you can know what is going on outside your body, even in the dark you can tell whether the water you touched is cold or warm.

Through your nose; if you breathe in the wrong thing you can even die.

Through your eye; a lot could affect you internally by what you see.

Like I told those of you who came to the Holy communion last night; many people are married to who they are married to now because of what they saw. He saw the lady and said this is beautiful and I think this is the one I want. You saw a man driving pass in a Mercedes Benz car, and you say, you think this is a good husband; he will be able to take care of me.

What you see can influence your decision.

What you hear can make a lot of deference to you, what you hear can make you happy or make you angry.

Your mouth; that is the gate by which you eat and drink and by which we speak.

So let’s spend some time and look at the eye gate.

Many people die in poverty because their eyes are not opened to opportunities.  In 2king 4 v 1-7 the widow of the son of the Prophet was surrounded by opportunities, many neighbor with empty bottles, but just a little bottle of oil in her own house, everything she needed to be debt free and to live in abundance for the rest of her life was around her but here eye gates were shut.

Until God through his servant opened here eye and within 24 hrs, she moved from penury to abundant.

I decree tonight, in the name that is above every other name, your financial eye shall be open tonight.

In John 21 v 1 -6 Peter and the disciples fished all night and caught nothing, until Jesus Christ stood and said throw your net to the right, they were throwing there to the left, there break through was on the right. They were working hard all nights but one word from the mouth of Jesus Christ everything changed. The gates that have been blocking your eye so that you have been wasting your time and wasting your energy with nothing to show for it, that gate will come down tonight in Jesus name.

Some people are in the wrong career, they need that God will open their career eye.

I have said it before, some people are doing barbing, whereas God wanted them to be a tailor; but they say scissors is scissors. Until God opens your eye to the careers, He has for you; you may be laboring in vain.

In 1king 19 v 19-21 Elisha thought he was to be a farmer, God said no you are to be a prophet.  In Luke 5 v 1 ? 11 Peter thought he was to be a fisher man, God said no, you are a fisher of men.

I pray for you tonight, before it is too late God will open your career eyes.

Then of course I have shared the example of one man before, who was an accountant, one day he just woke up and said for how long will I be saying yes sir, God give me an idea, open my eyes, let the gate of my eye be open.

God showed him that he should be roasting groundnut but that he should be roasting it with honey.  I have shared the story with you before by the last time I heard about him; he already had 3 private jets from roasting ground nut.

Those of you that is doing the work that is not your own, this very night God will open your eye.

There are spiritual eyes. You know the story in 2King 6 v 15-17, when a king sent army to arrest Elisha and the servant saw horses and chariots surrounding them.

Physically he could see, he came back and tell his master, master what shall we do? We are surrounded by enemies.

The master said those who be with us are more than those who are with them. He prayed and said God open this young man?s eye, and when his eyes were opened, he saw horses of fire and chariots of fire.

His spiritual eyes were opened, until your spiritual eyes are opened, you don?t have dominion.

In Genesis 13 v 14 -17 God said it is what you can see that you can have. If God will open your spiritual eye and show you what he alone could do for you things will be different.

I pray for every one of you here today, that your spiritual eye will be open; you will see where God wants to take you and you will begin to reign the world with dominion In Jesus name.

Let me give you an illustration before going to the ear gate. When I went to America for the first time in 1979 to attend Kenneth Haggins camp meeting, I saw a crowd; 17000 people! God, you mean there can be these much crowd! Attending the convention of one man? God what you have done in America you must do in Nigeria.

I saw a bit into the future, at that time if you gathered everybody in Redeemed Christian church of God together, we were about 600. But some years later, I went to Korea and I saw the church of Youngi Cho.

I saw a man holding seven services on a Sunday, telling his congregation, those of you who have come this Sunday; please don’t come next Sunday, so those who didn’t come this Sunday can come next Sunday. I came back home and I said to God, I am no longer satisfied with seventeen thousand, I want something bigger.

How many of you want the very best that God can give you. Let me hear you say amen. God will open your eye to see greatness tonight in Jesus name.

Let’s talk about the ear gate, a very, very important gates; seven times in the book of revelation, God repeated himself, he said he who has hears to ear let him hears what the spirit is saying to the church, that tells you that some people may have ears and never hear, it means the gate of their ear may be shut.

The gate of your ears are very, very crucial, because according to Roman 10 v 17 the bible says Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of the God.

What you hear can determine what you will become, faith comes by hearing.

It is a single testimony that changed my whole life completely concerning divine healing. When I got born again in The Redeemed Christian church of God, I was rejoicing in my salvation but I was very sickly, within two weeks, malaria will knock me down.

So when they talk about healing without medication? I just said you are saying your own; you have showed me the way to heaven, don’t send me there too quickly.

Then one day I heard a testimony from an old man, how God healed him wonderfully and immediately my faith rose. And I thank God since 1975 that faith has been going stronger daily.

That word that you will hear that will take you from the valley to the mountain top, may God send it to you tonight in Jesus.

The ear gate is the door to healing, it is the door to deliverance Psalm 107 v 20 it said he sent his word and he healed them and delivers them out of their destructions. How do you receive the word?   Through the ear gate!

And I decree that every sickness, every disease that may be in you be uprooted today in the mighty name of Jesus.

The ear gate is the door to blessing, it is the door to prosperity, the bible says the blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow. Proverbs 10 v 22 the blessing of the Lord, how do you hear a blessing; blessing are pronounced.

The one who receives a blessing, receives it through the ear. Every gate that is blocking your ear shall come down tonight in Jesus name.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said because you have honored me with your first fruit, he said before the end of this year, you shall be honored also.

Genesis 18 v 9- 14God spoke, Sarah heard though the hearing gate and she laughed and from that day on, she kept laughing. Because what God said; once you will hear what God said, you can be sure it will come to past.

And the Almighty God said that this year he will do new thing, how many of you receive heard that one? How many of you received that one? Then in the mighty name of Jesus; new thing will begin in your life in Jesus name.

But then let’s consider the mouth gate; lift up your heads oh ye gates and be ye lifted up ye everlasting God, that the king of glory may come in and who is this king of glory, the Lord, the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle, the Lord of host, he is the king of glory.

We had a program not too long ago with some eminent Nigerians, and I told them there God is not a civilian, he is a warrior. The Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.

The gates might not want to open gently; it takes the mouth of an individual, to open all the other gates. If the enemy can keep your mouth shut he has defeated you.

As long as the mouth gate is not opened, the devil knows he has won. If you can’t open your mouth to praise God, if you can’t open your mouth to pray, then you are finished.

In 2King 4 v 1 -7 the widow of the son of prophet that I refer to earlier, for years she was In debt, the man of God was near and she kept her mouth shut.

Until when she could no longer keep quiet. The day she cried to the man of God that was the day her problems were over. The elders have a saying that if you keep quiet your problems will keep quiet with you and I know there is someone here tonight, who will no longer keep quiet.

In fact before this night is out we are going to open our mouth gate wide and the king of glory will come in.

In all the scripture where God said I will come to your aid, Psalm 50 v 14-15 He said first come to his presence with thanks giving, come to his court with praise pay your vows and then call on me and I will answer.

He didn’t say keep your mouth shut and assume that I will know. In Jeremiah 3 v 33, he said call on me, open your mouth gate and then I will show you mighty thing. It is when you call when your mouth gate is open then I will open your eye gate.

Matthew 12 v 22the bible says they brought to Jesus a man; who was blind and dumb.

He healed him, so the blind and dumb man both spoke and saw. He is blind and dumb, when he was healed; he spoke first before he saw.

Speaking is more important than seeing. Those of you who don?t know the reason why I keep asking you to shout; maybe who will begin to get a rough idea, because as long as the enemy can’t keep you quiet he can’t hold you down.

In Mark 10 v 46 ? 52 Bartimeus heard that Jesus was passing by, his ear gates were opened, he was blind his eye gates were shut but he used his mouth gate to get his miracle. He cried out! Jesus thou son of David, have mercy on me.

See what the devil tried to do; they said shut your mouth. If he had shut his mouth, he would have died blind, he would have died a beggar, he would have died by the road side, he would have died as a nobody.  But he opened his mouth gate and today we are still talking about him.

Every one of you that the devil has been keeping quiet, today the gate of your mouth will be open in Jesus name.

The mouth gate is the gate to progress, it is the gate to victory, it is the gate to almost everything.

The Lord said there is someone her; He said because of a previous tragedy, anytime the phone rings now, you become afraid. He asked me to tell you, relax no more tragedy for you.

Mark 11v 23 Bible says if you shall say to this mountain, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and you shall not doubt, it shall be so unto you.

If you don’t say to the mountain the mountain will stay. When you are saying to the mountain you must tell the mountain where to go.

When it is time to pray tonight, I’m believing God for you that for once you will cease to be a lady and a gentle man.

Let us finish the prayer of tonight and then be a lady and gentle man again. But during the one hour of prayer, because if you will do the right thing tonight, even as the bishop already prophesied, your life will never be the same again.

Your mouth; the bible says death and life is in the power of the tongue. The bible says you have not because you ask not. Tonight we are going to use our mouth.

Now, why will the gate obey? Because we are going to command gates tonight, and they are going to obey us. He said it is because it is the king of glory that is coming in.

The gates will not open to ordinary people, but in Psalm 73 v 22- 24 David thought us a secret; that as the king of glory is going in, we will go in with him, he said you will hold me by the right hand and receive me into glory.

When you go through all the cases where the gates have been opened, you will see that the gates opened to the king of glory and his own people followed through.

For example in Psalm 114 v 2-3 the Bible says it is God in Judah that the red sea saw and fled. It wasn’t Moses that the sea was running away form, it is the Almighty God that it saw and fled.

If you look at Joshua 5 v 13-15 the reason the wall of Jericho fell when the children of Israel shouted, was because the captain the host of the Lord was with them.

When the wall of Jericho saw the captain of the host of heaven it has no option other than to give way.

Whenever I asked you to shout halleluiah, it is because I know in doing so the Lord of host will come down and stand by your side and as long as the Lord is standing by your side no opposition will be able to withstand you.

Because the Bible says let God arise and his enemies will scatter.

I have said it before that you don’t hear me at the beginning of the service that I say ‘am beginning to bind you devil?. I am not arguing with those who do that, I have my reservations; you bond him in the morning, you bond him in the afternoon, you bond him in the evening. The question is how quickly doe he gets loose?

I attend a service somewhere, the pastor prayed at the beginning of the service and bond the devil before the service, after the service he wanted me to talk to the ministers, and he prayed before I began and bound the devil.

Because he is someone close to me, I called him aside, Sir, I thought you bound the devil before the service, you mean before the service ended he was loosed? Because you are bounding him again now?. He said “well you never can tell”.

I said I think I know a better way; it doesn’t matter whether he is lose or wherever he may be, he cannot withstand the shout of halleluiah.

Do I hear somebody shout halleluiah tonight!

So when you come against the red sea, you will say red sea; get out of my way because I am not coming alone. Wall of Jericho; get out of my way, because I am not coming alone, fiery furnace; get out of my way because the consuming fire is with me, Lions; get out of my life, because the Lion of Judah is with me

The Lord ask me to tell you a story very quickly, it has to do with the birth of one of my sons.

My wife had three caesarians operations so we stopped because the doctor said, don?t try it again. Then we became born again, believed in divine healing; so my wife became pregnant again and this time, Jesus did all the work. The baby came on Friday night, at the maternity center in Ebute-metta, the following Saturday, I was going to minister to the doctors in LUTH and I gave them the testimony of how my wife delivered naturally after three caesarian that Jesus was the doctor. Every doctor present open their mouths for minute, they just open their mouth.

Now the Lord asked me to tell you the story because there is someone here tonight; he said when you share your testimony, mouths will open.

When David came across Goliath remember what he said in 1Samuel 17 v 45 -47 he said Goliath, I am not coming alone. I am coming with the Lord of host.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said when they talk about you they talk in whispers, he asked me to tell you very soon they will sing your praise.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said your season of harvest is very near and you will not miss it.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said by this time next year you will confess that I do not know I can get to this height.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said I have opened doors to you before he said but the big one is coming now.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said this year you will see God’s glory in a new dimension.

Why would the gate open? Because you are not coming alone, the gate will open for the King of glory, it has to open to the Lord of host.  

In 2kings 2 v 12 -15 Elisha said to Jordan, you have to open because my destiny is on the other side and I am not coming alone, I am coming with the Lord God of Elijah. And Jordan opened It has no choice. There are many of us this very night is going to mark the beginning of our destiny.

I can feel the presence of the Holy spirit in a very, very strong way tonight, I believe I have done enough of teaching so we go ahead and let the Holy spirit do his own thing but before we pray, Psalm 34 v 8 said taste and see that the Lord if good.

Watch the process; taste that is the mouth gate and then see, open your mouth gate and you will see the goodness of the Lord. Taste and see; those of you who are here tonight, who have never tasted the Lord, this is the moment to do so.

Believe me honestly the Lord is good; there are things that the Lord wants to show you. Things that will shake you, but you have to taste him first. So if you are here and you have not given your Life to Jesus come now, after all they say the taste of the pudding is in the eating.

Give your life to Jesus and watch gates open, if you want to give your life to Jesus you better come now. Come and surrender your life to Jesus let him save your soul, let him cleanse you from all your sins, then you will have authority to command doors open, Every gates that have been blocking you; your red sea, your Goliath, your red sea, your Jordan, you will be able to command them. You will be able to say to gate open if and only God is with you.

So if you want to give your life to Jesus come very quickly now. Begin to talk to the Lord, asks God to be merciful to you, ask him to forgive you your sins, ask him to save your soul.

Ask for mercy tonight. Ask him to be your Lord and your savior and the rest of us, let’s stretch our hands towards these people that the Lord, who has saved them, will save their own souls too. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Savior we bless your holy name, thank you for your word, we thank you for these people who have come forward. You promise oh Lord, that whosoever will come unto you, you will not cast out. They have come to you now, please receive them in Jesus name, forgive them in Jesus name, wash them clean in your blood in Jesus name, save their soul and write their names in the book of life in Jesus name. And from now on anytime they call on you, please answer them in Jesus name, thank you Almighty God in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Tonight, we want to appeal to you once again, that you pray with all your heart, you are going to determine your destiny this night; you are going to pray with all your strength. Give me an indication by shouting a big halleluiah!


1. King of glory I praise you, Lord of host I worship you (spend time praising him)

2. In the name of Jesus, every gate blocking my vision, lift up your head now.

3. In the name of Jesus, every gate blocking my hearing be lifted up now.

4. Every gates blocking my testimony, lift up your head now.

5. Every gates blocking my breakthrough; be lifted now.

6. Every gates to my destiny; lift up your head now.

7. Every gate reluctant to open; Lord of host, break them to pieces.

8. King of glory; move in massively into every facet of my life and everything opposite of glory flush them out.

9. Father; filled my mouth with new testimonies.

10. Your own personal request.

Please pray for one hour only; let us beseech the throne of heaven.

in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Father almighty we want to thank you, King of glory we praise you, Lord of host we worship you, accept our worship in Jesus name.

In the mighty name of Jesus, every gate blocking your vision shall be destroyed tonight, every gate blocking your hearing shall be destroyed tonight, every gate blocking your testimonies shall be destroyed tonight, every gate blocking your breakthroughs shall be destroyed tonight and all the gate to your destiny shall be open tonight.

Every gate that refuses to open shall be shattered tonight, the King of glory will move into your life. Everything contrary to glory shall move out of your life tonight; sickness shall move out, failure shall move out, defeat shall move out, poverty shall move out, sorrow shall move out. Every plant God didn?t plant in your life shall be rooted up tonight, the Lord will fill your mouth with new testimony, so shall it be, your joy shall be full, tonight will mark a new beginning in your life from now on, God will give you pleasant surprises.

So shall it be in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

If you receive that let me hear you shout halleluiah!

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