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Getting Started is Easy

1 Reach Out: Subscribe to the package of your choice.

2 Connect: Our Tech Staff will contact you to set up your stream on our broadcast channel.

3 Proclaim: Let your constituents know you're available on Liveway Radio by giving them the unique link to your website and on Liveway.TV

  To Begin, click here for the broadcast plan

Broadcaster Benefits

Expand Your Audience Worldwide

Pastor on Demand lets you reach the widest audience with your messages. Imagine the possibilities of reaching over 100,000 internet Radio Listeners per month in our ever expanding Liveway Radio Network.

We Do the Work!

You broadcast, and we'll connect your stream to the audience around the world.
You don't have to manage the technology, carrier relationships, or customer service.
We require simple media formats local media on CD, DVD or Video Tapes can be
delivered to our office or our mailing address both in Nigeria and Houston Texas USA.
Simply let your listeners know your message is now available on Liveway Radio and
post the link to our site on your home page.

Still Have Questions?

We'll answer any questions you have regarding Pastor's on Demand broadcast service. 
Check out our
frequently asked questions. Our mission is to provide our users with easy,
finger-tip access to the widest Internet audience possible along with the highest
level of service.

For broadcast plans and rates go here

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